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Build A Sales

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Lead Capacity Planner

Use this free, easy-to-use tool to pinpoint your team's lead processing throughput and optimize your purchases so you don't waste your lead generation dollars.

Your “Policy Factory” - Predictable, Consistent Results

Build A Sales Machine

How do you turn your agency into a “Policy Factory?”

Implement the APS Lean Agency™ Sales System.

Your sales force needs to acquire leads and convert them into insured households with multiple policies who then go on to refer others to you.  Rinse and repeat. 

Sounds awesome but how do you get there?  It’s not as difficult as it seems if you install the right systems.

Follow the APS Launchpad™ process, implement our custom lead manager workflows and let us train you and your team on how to use it.  It takes just a couple of weeks of solid effort and you will have a shiny new machine with which to efficiently grow your agency!

Picking Producers Is The Most Important Decision You Make...Do It Right

You Can Build A Great Team

What’s the first step? Recognize the fact that the insurance sales producer position is difficult to fill.  Building a great team takes diligence and discipline but, when you do it right, your team will propel you to sales achievements you’ve only dreamed of. 

But how?

It is a process of Attract-Screen-Screen-Hire-Train-Screen.  And it is a process that is always running.

Attraction is probably the least understood, but most “leveraged” step of the process.  It’s how to transform your recruiting process from reliance only on screening candidates by adding a selling process into it. Your prospects need to be convinced that YOU are the key to taking their career to the next level.  We will help you develop a uniquely persuasive message that will “pull” the best candidates into your recruiting funnel.

Screening, Screening, Screening.  And why so much screening?  Because making no hire is always better than making a bad hire.  From the very start we are using messaging and language to avoid the wrong candidates.  From there, we use proven profiling systems and a unique interviewing technique to make sure you invest your energy in the right candidates so that we can fully evaluate the profile and the person.  Before you make the hire, we put the candidates through an interactive proving session so you can see them in action before deciding who to hire.

Better Numbers Now –
Get More From What You Already Have

Driving Higher Performance

How do you get your agency to crush your monthly goals and achieve a solid bonus?  Performance management is where it all comes together.

It’s leading your team to individual and collective achievement of daily productivity goals and achievement of sales results, enabled by clear and achievable performance standards, motivated, inspired and supported by a daily rhythm of accountability, inspiration and continuous improvement. 

Sound like a lot, right?  Well, it is. But…we have done the hard part for you. 

The APS Performance management system is already built. All you have to do is learn it, plug your team into it, and start moving along with us.

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Introduction to APS

Agency Performance Systems is in the agency transformation business…actually getting it done. 

Our difference is that we know how to deal with the barriers, both real and imagined, that keep agency owners from successfully developing their agencies. 

Our transformational programs not only have proven, practical solutions for agency management, they also include training and tactics that empower our clients to make decisions, communicate with staff, overcome resistance, coach both underperforming and star team members, and recruit team members in an entirely new way. 

It’s not just the focus and the knowledge you need…it’s the accountability to actually get the right systems set up and working in your business to set it on an entirely new course.